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Configuring Auto QoS for both hard phones and softphones


I have an environment mixed of 3750X and 3850 switches. Connected to those switches is either hard phones (6945, 7841, 7962, 8831, 7937) or IP Communicator Softphones. We are trying to get QoS working as our pakckets continue to be marked as BE instead of EF. 


I have been looking and seen alot of conflicts as to what I need for commands on the switchports of both models and that will cover both hard and softphones


What commands do I truly need for both variations of switches and phones? 


Is there anything to cofigure to tell the phones to mark the traffic as EF as outgoing from there is BE.


We have an MPLS network with QoS and have verified we are setup to mark for EF and circuits are clean and no drops but the audio is extremely bad and choppy.


Any Help is appreciated

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What QoS mechanism do you have on those switches?


The phones will mark voice as EF by default. This setting is pushed to the phones when they register with cme or cucm and can be modified.

Cisco's latest QoS SRND 4.x is using MQC as the QoS mechanism moving forward. They actually stopped mls commands for later IOS and IOS-XE versions.

You can refer to QoS SRND for guide lines on how to configure QoS on switch. Optionally, you can enable auto-qos which I don't prefer personally, but in case.
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