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Corporate Directory CM7.0(2)


We upgraded from CM4.2 to CM7.0(2) and we're now looking at Attendant Consoles, and directories in general. We're in the middle of developing an online campus directory. If we can create a CM specific LDAP - will the Attendant Console Corporate Directory use the CM User's LDAP Corporate Directory? In other words, a single LDAP directory with a single point of data entry? Is this a good way to maintain this/these directory(ies) or should I be looking to do it another way? Another product?

Thank you in advance.

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The Attendant Console will use either the Call Manager directory, which can be the internal DC directory or a redirected Active Directory, or it can use a client-side text file. Sounds to me like you would want the first choice, but it is up to you whether you want the internal Cisco solution or intergration with Microsoft.


A side question was the upgrade from 4.2 to 7.x? Did you upgrade with new hardware? How long did the upgrade take? What issues did you have before, during, and after the upgrade?

Any tips, tricks, suggestions are appreciated.

Yes, we upgraded with new hardware and help from a VAR. There are a number of tasks you need to do before the actual upgrade - register licensed unused phones, get license keys from Cisco, run and check a conversion process, rerun the conversion if you correct any problems or make any changes. The load of our configuration on the new hardware took longer then expected, but as long as the LED kept flashing, we left it alone and it completed without errors. Actual phone down time was maybe 2 hours (de/re-rack servers, boot, phone boots). Post upgrade we had to adjust our billing system to accommodate CDR file format changes. No problems on the user end, except for a phoneload issue (DTMF recognition problems on 7911, 41 phones when calling Verizon Wireless auto attendant), but Netpro helped find the problem and solution. Pretty clean upgrade.

Thanks. Did you need to purchase any additional phone or software license before or after the upgrade? If we have 1500 phones do we need purchase additional licenses after the migration (I believe UC 7 is more strict with phone licensing).

What new features do you like or use the most in 7.x?

Did you redesign your dialplan? If so, do you have an example or know of a best practice dialplan for UC 7?

We didn't purchase any additional licenses (yet). By registering our spares (which we purchased with licenses), it adjusted our license counts. I think we're close to the point where when we transition our next group to UC that we'll need to purchase more licenses. We did not change our dial plan.

New features - I like the improvements with BAT. As a college we're heavily into VG224s and the old BAT didn't support these well. I was/am interested in setting up the Phone Missed calls/received call directories where we can add a strip the local area code and add a 9, or 91 to long distance calls to making dialing easier. I heard 7.0 did this better, but have since heard there may be other concerns when doing this. (Something about losing ANI characters on some phones with limited display space?).

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