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CP 7965 change locale

Hi all!


I have CME v10 and CP 7965g connected as SCCP phone and want change phone locale to russian . 

I upgrade phone firmware, set time zone in telephony-service, recreate cnf files  and restart phone. In /its/vrf1/ directory i have xml file SEP<SAME_PHONE_MAC>.cnf.xml   with  already configured russian locale.

<timeZone>Russian Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
<member  priority="0">
<processNodeName> < Gateway IP address > </processNodeName>


But on phone display in locale configuration i have 

User Locale : English_United_States 

User Locale Char Set : ASCII 

How can i change locale on phone? 



Sreekanth Narayanan
Cisco Employee

You are seeing En US on the Locale configuration. But what about the softkeys and other menu options? Does that appear in Russian? Or is that also in English?

Thanks for your answer 

soft keys also in English 

Can you post a reply with show run and show flash in an attachment?

files in attachment. i delete identification information from them

I am unable to see ephone configuration in the show run. Has it been removed?

Did you see the phone take the right configuration and firmware by using debug tftp events?

What about the phone locale? Was that downloaded?

Are you at least hearing Russian network locale? i.e. the RU dial-tone, busy tone etc?

When TFTP Event debugging is on i dont have any messages on console. 

No. I dont download locale . Where can i download it? I think firmware include locale files . 

No i cant hear Russian network locale. 


Below 7965g ephone dn configuration for test phone on which i testing language locale 

ephone-dn  21  dual-line
 number 9919
 hold-alert 30 originator


ephone  21
 mac-address  <MAC>
 type 7965
 button  1:21


 sdspfarm units 1
 sdspfarm tag 1 confprof1
 conference hardware
 max-ephones 35
 max-dn 50
 ip source-address  IP port 2000
 system message Trans-IT
 cnf-file location flash:
 cnf-file perphone
 user-locale RU load CME-locale-ru_RU-Russian-
 network-locale RU
 network-locale 1 RU
 load 7965 SCCP45.9-4-2-1S.loads
 load 6921 SCCP69xx.9-2-1-0
 time-zone 32
 time-format 24
 date-format dd-mm-yy
 max-conferences 4 gain 6
 call-forward pattern .T
 moh ""
 web admin system name 
 transfer-system full-consult
 transfer-pattern .T
 create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00




Anybody know about this problem? How solve it?

i try to download new version of locale files   

myabe its helps me 


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