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creating Corporate Directory for SIP phone ex 8841

For SCCP IP phone we can create  Corporate Directory as below:

service dnis dir-lookup
directory entry 1 5550341 name doctor1
directory entry 2 5550772 name doctor1
directory entry 3 5550263 name doctor3

We have CME setup for 50 user, Please advice how to create local Corporate Directory for SIP phones.

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Vivek Batra

You need to add 'url directory' under voice register global.

- Vivek

Thanks Vivek, Could you please explain with an example:

voice register global

Router(config-register-global)# url directory

The is CME IP address ?, how to enter the username and telephone number


Telephone number configuration doesn't need to be duplicated for SIP. Once you configure it under telephony-services, it will be used by SIP phones as well.

- Vivek

Thanks Vivek, Router(config-register-global)# url directory

the IP is CME ip address in this example ?

Yes, you need to configure CME IP address under URL.

- Vivek

We tried the below CLI under voice register global - url directory

and creat cnf profile.

After this when we try to access the directory service, the IP Phone shows requesting and not able to access local directory. CLI Configuration attached. Please advice.

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