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CTI Manager vs Call Manager information consistency


Running on CUCM 8.6.2 and using CUPC 8.5.5 in a deskphone control mode, I cannot control deskphone from CUPC in a given configuration.

For example :

CUCM 1 : runs CallManager, CTI Manager

CUCM 2 : runs CallManager, CTI Manager

CUCM 3 : runs CallManager, CTI Manager

Deskphone is registered to CUCM 1 for active server and CUCM 2 as stand-by server

CUPC is configured with CTI profile : CTI_CUCM 3 as

If in this configuration I try to control deskphone, it searches for around 1 minute. QBE says it's connected but I have no click to call control. All buttons are grayed out.

1. If I configure CUPC profile with CTI_CUCM 1 as CTI_CUCM 2 as I have the error only with CTI_CUCM 3 as

2. If I register the IP Phone to CUCM 3 and set CUPC with CTI_CUCM 3 as

Like if the MAC address to control was not known or found by the Call Manager when requested by CTI Manager, only when on different servers.

What could be the problem ?


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