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CTI Provider Error

Vaijanath Sonvane
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We are facing some issue with CTI Service. We have a setup with 1 Publisher, 1 Subscriber, 2 PG Gateways and 1 IP IVR. All are connected on one core switch. In the morning we faced one problem that the CTI service was down and all the CTI ports and CTI route points were unregistered. From logs it is not clear that what is the root cause of this issue. But found the below event logs:

On Publisher:

Systyem Logs

Service Control Manager

The Cisco CTIManager service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

The Cisco CTIManager service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Application Logs

Cisco Java Application

Error: WDApplicationError - WebDialer Application error
  Reason: CTIProvider out of service
  App ID: Cisco Java Applications
  Cluster ID:
Explanation: WebDialer application error
Recommended Action: See application logs for

On Subscriber:

Error: kCtiProviderCloseHeartbeatTimeout - CTI heartbeat timeout; provider closing. 

  App ID: Cisco CTIManager
  Cluster ID: StandAloneCluster
  Node ID:
  CTI Application ID: CallBackfeature
  Process ID: 900
  Process Name: CtiHandler
Explanation: CTI heartbeat timeout occurred. This causes CTIManager to close the application connection.
Recommended Action: CTI application will need to reconnect; contact TAC if problem persists

Also on PG we are getting the below event logs:

1. JTAPI Gateway rejected Open Req (3) message with status Invalid Version Number (1).
2. TCP connection to JTAPI Gateway has been broken
3. Error receiving data from JTAPI Gateway
4. Error acknowledgment received from Peripheral 5005 Message Type = 12 Peripheral State = 2.

I have attached the logs for Publisher and Subscriber. Does anyone faced this issue? Is there any solution?



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

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Seems to be you are still on Windows version of CUCM

Which version of CUCM?

for the service crash We normally tak ea look for SDL 15 minutes before service stopped

Make sure JTAPI plugin version is correct on JTAPI GW

For CTI hearbeat its for CallBack service, I would disable it if not in use

Will take a look at the logs attached to see if I can find something

Normally for questions that will take more than 15 mins or critical issues as this one I highly recommend you to open a TAC case.



The current CUCM verison is 4.1(3)sr1. I have gone through the logs and found the belwo info:

1.       The CTI Service on Publisher is stopped unexpectedly at 10/07/15 01:12:15.290

003869331| 10/07/15 01:11:49.790| 001| SdlSig    | CtiQbeProviderUnexpectedShutdown      | ready               | CTIHandler(1,200,9,11)          | CtiManager(1,200,10,1)          | (1,200,10,1).376209-(*:*)               | [R:HP - HP: 1, NP: 0, LP: 2, VLP: 0, LZP: 0 DBP: 0]

003869344| 10/07/15 01:12:15.290| 001| SdlSig    | CtiProviderCleanUpTimer               | shutting_down         | CTIHandler(1,200,9,11)          | SdlTimerService(1,200,3,1)      | (1,200,10,1).376209-(*:*)               | [R:HP - HP: 0, NP: 0, LP: 4, VLP: 0, LZP: 0 DBP: 0]

2.       Publisher SDL Router Service is declared dead at 07/15/2010 01:12:14.462

07/15/2010 01:12:14.462 CTI|CMProcMon - ERROR  !!!!!!!! SDL Router Services Dead: timeBeforeSleep: -987024994, currentMontiorTime: -987003994, deltaTime: 21000, LoopCount= 19|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:>

07/15/2010 01:12:14.775 CTI|CMProcMon - ERROR  Call Manager SdlState Changed - Abnormal Exit - Reason: [SDL Router Services declared dead.]|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:>

3.       As the CTI service on Publisher is stopped, Subscribe has lost its connection with CTI service of Publisher at 07/15/2010 01:12:35.578

07/15/2010 01:12:35.578 CCM|CallBackManager - SDL Link OOS|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:0><:><:>

07/15/2010 01:12:35.578 CCM|SdllinkOOS nodeId = 1, appId = 200|<:STANDALONECLUSTER><:><:0><:><:>

4.       Then all the CTI devices (CTI Ports and CTI route points) were unregistered and re-registered.

Other than this I am not able to find the root cause for these logs. The logs are attached in earlier post. I hope you can find something from them.



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.

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