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CUBAC 8.6 BLF Out of Service UDP's

Hi Folks,

I'm hoping someone can help me riddle this issue. I have been over the forum and the web at large and have tried/checked EVERYTHING many times over to resolve this.


TSP 8.6(2.7)
Virtualised on ESXi 5.0


CUBAC will display BLF for users if I restart the BLF plugin. But it will only capture 2 events, i.e. Log in/out or VV, there after it displays the red X of OoS-ness.

In relation to this, I can highlight a user hit F2 and see them displayed as OoS, yet in the actual status window, their status is reflected, i.e. they go off hook, idle, ringing etc. The application status(main console window) doesn't update, unless I restart BLF plug in, see above.

Attempted fixes:

Verified CTI on phone, UDP and UP is enabled.
Restarted CTI manager on the cluster
Disabled the CUPS plug in
Ticked use device ID
Assigned test users CTI enable
Assigned subscribe CSS
Verified application user/UG role assignments
Rebooted CUBAC server, CUCM cluster
Verified TSP config (port, IP addressing etc)
Re-sync'd/ tested CUCM connectivity

Tested, re-tested. All this is set, reachable, registered and working. All other aspects of the system work well. Just the status of users.

So, I'm plum out of ideas. Is there a registry setting I'm missing? Is there a CTI polling timer I've missed?

I thought I'd try putting it to the community before going to TAC. So any thoughts, ideas, suggestions are very welcome.

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CUBAC 8.6 BLF Out of Service UDP's

If anyone encounters this, approach TAC. This is a known issue and have a patch and instructions available.

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CUBAC 8.6 BLF Out of Service UDP's

Hi Scott,

Thanks for this kind follow-up +5 Much appreciated!



PS: if you know the bug ID would you mind attaching??

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Re: CUBAC 8.6 BLF Out of Service UDP's

Hi Rob,

It's no problem. I'd like to think others would do the same. That's the whole point of the community right?

In any case the ID is:


The suggested workaround doesn't 'workaround' per say, it just highlights the system is polling, just not displaying! A good check in any case, to verify back end config. TAC sent files to be deployed on the CUBAC server, updated EXE's and the likes, with some easy to follow instructions. So thanks for your help with this one cisco TAC!

If you are encountering this issue, request the files as a path of least aggrivation.

By all accounts our customer is happy and not percieving this issue any longer.

Hope it helps,


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