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CUCM 10.5- CDR not showing some calls


New to CUCM 10.5 (upgrade environment from CUCM 7.1 to 10.5),

Agent can pull up his IP Communicator and go to Directories --> Placed calls ... it shows a call from the IPC to his Mobile phone,  he said he was on there about 20 seconds.   In CUCM I go to United Serviceability --> Tool --> CDR Analysis --> CDR  then search by his extension and search by the gateway he goes out of and that call is nowhere on the reports.

In testing the next day had the agent on his IPC , had him call his Mobile , stayed on for  3 seconds, and I went back to CDR and the call was there.

Another day right after that he  stated he called  a customer and I can not find record of it in CDR.  Those calls , he called the nubmer and left a voicemail for the customer ,

any ideas of why a call I see on his soft phone is not showing up in CDR reports   - are there configurations I may have missed ?

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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Is the IPC always getting registered to the same CUCM server??

Is the CDR enabled flag enabled on ALL servers??

Are all the calls using the same PSTN trunk  or whatever you use to reach PSTN??



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Hi still trying to get time to read the links provided.

But to answer ones I know:

Yes - the IPC is always registered to the same CUCM server

Yes - the CDR is enabled on all servers

Time Zone - that is always a ridiculous hoop to jump through (GMT on entering in report search filter, take into consideration the user may be anywhere in the world and report items in their time zone, then the reports I believe always shows in Server time zone)   ,,, this is , to me, the worse part of  having to run a report in CUCM.   So normally I try and put in a large window to try and cover GMT and the local users time  ... and looking at the results it has calls before and after the reported time the user shows on the IPC.

I will report back when I finish getting through the links provided

Deepak Mehta
Rising star
Rising star

Unless you are not putting correct timezone or search filter ,i do not see any reason for not populating the CDR if it is enabled( CDR flag is enabled on CUCM

try this link and follow the TS steps.

Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Refer to below documentation and make sure that all the required parameters for CDR to show all the records are enabled:



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