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[CUCM 9.x] No dial tone when calling in

I have a fairly new setup with CUCM and CUC running 9.1 version. Calls are going to the CUBE via SIP trunk from the provider, then they get sent via another SIP trunk to the CUCM, which then forwards it to the Call Handler in CUC (for business hours and holiday reasons). CUC then redirects the calls to Hunt Group 600 to ring the required phones.

Now when the some makes a call to the system from outside does not hear any ringing. However if the person is to call a someone's phone directly then the tone is there. DDI and main number use the same Route Pattern for translation and I have the outside dialtone ticked on the CUBE config as well as the Hunt Group.

Am I missing something?


On the trunk you can assigned a Media Resource Group list and in this list is a Media Resource Group that contains certain resources like Conference, MTP, MOH and ANN.  ANN=Annunciators.  MRGL can be assigned at the trunk level in this case or device pool.  My question has a MRGL been assigned to either place and if so does it contain the CUCM

Annunciators resources?

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Yes I have assigned it to the SIP trunk, but ANN_2 isn't assigned. I have attached some screenshots.

It's weird because if I set up a Hunt Group to ring the phones directly when calling from outside then the dial tone works but when it goes to a Directory Number which then diverts it to VoiceMail, then hunt group - I get none. Could it be that Unity Cx has something to do with this?

How is connection integrated?  SIP or SCCP?

Between CUCM and CUC it's SCCP.

So you get no ring back when transfering from Unity back to CUCM?

Make sure ANN_1 and ANN_2 is assigend to a MRG.  Make sure the MRG is assiged to a MRGL and it needs to be associated to both the SIP trunk coming inbound to the CUCM server as well as the VoicePorts configured for Unity Connection.  Generally assigning the MRGL to the device pool that is used for Voicemail will work.  This has to be done.

Hi Kelvin,

Sorry that did not help either. I can provide you with remote login if you wouldn't mind taking a look?

It looks that way. Because if I ring a DDI or Hunt Group that does not go via CUC, I get a tone. If it goes to CUC and then back CUCM, then nothing.

Did you ever get a resolution to this problem? I have almost exactly the same setup as you and have the same issue.

Yes, Brian, I did. The problem was that my annuciater was not registered. Once that was enabled, everything started working!

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