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CUCM and AD - automatic phone provisioning

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Hi all,

Is it possible to automatically provision IP handsets based on information in Active Directory?

My specific situation is as follows;

Our IP telephony systems consists of a Cisco Unifed CallManager (4.2) providing call control functions, and an IPFX Server providing features/services (e.g. voicemail, contact center, Outlook integration, etc).  When a new user is created in Active Directory they are assigned an extension (via Telephone number field).  Every night IPFX will pull from AD to create/move/delete mailboxes based on 'Telephone number' and then we have to manually replicate those changes in CUCM to update the IP phones (mosty 7940G).  In an ideal world, the phones would also automatically update based on the info in AD.

So, is this achievable (be it natively in CUCM, a third party solution, some custom scripting, etc)?  Be gentle, I'm a self taught CallManager n00b

Thanks guys

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


CCM doesn't have that sort of AD-integration capability unfortunately.

You could set something up, but it would involve custom scripting using the AXL API and some standard Windows scripting. All the things you want to do (deleting/adding/renumbering, creating users) are possible, but you'd have to script carefully and test it to death... there are lots of example scripts around the net in perl and other languages if you want to look it up.



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