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CUCM Personal Directories

Scott Hanson
Level 3
Level 3



CUCM 11.5.  I have a scenario of shift workers where 2 people sit at the same desk with the same DN on different shifts.  They both want to have a Personal Directory of their own so when User A is working he has his own Personal Directory and when Users B is working they have their own personal directory.  Is this even possible?



Thanks in advance.


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

They should be able to use the personal directories and then each one login to their own.



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Thanks.  I thought the phone had to be associated with a particular user though.

In end-user accounts, more than one user can have the same phone associated to their account. In classes, I give the example of an executive who wants a secretary to be able to control some of the functions of an executives phone such as setting up a speed dial or changing the target of single number reach.


I'd have to test to see if that means that two different personal directories could be accessed from a single phone. If not, perhaps you can use Extension Mobility with the same primary DN on two profiles. Those would be separate objects in the database, each unique to one user.