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Stephen Leach

CUCM - Publisher Down No Access to Sub Admin Pages?

Hi to the great and good of the forums...

Per the above, in testing if I down the Publisher, the Subscribers (of which athere are two) are unable to access their Admin pages via the usual bookmarks. RTMT and database queries all show the system is in a good state=2 and the cluster=6 which I expected.

Just for clarity, the initial page loads with the following:-


Clicking on the "Cisco Unified Communications Manager" hyperlink just sees it say "connecting" but it never completes (in the 10 minutes I watched it)

Phones are working, the normal connectivity seems to be in place but the admin pages are unavailable...

For completion:

- Version 8.62a

- 3 node cluster

- IP Address has been changed recently uing Cisco recommended mechanism but all appeared ok

- As stated DB looks good

Anyone any sort of logical explanation for this?

Thanks in advance


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

What if you browse the https://x.x.x.x/ccmadmin link directly where x.x.x.x is the IP of the Sub?


Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee

Hi Steve,

Are you saying that if the Publisher is up, the admin page for both Subscribers works fine?

Like Chris said, try the URL instead of using the bookmark.

Also, do you have DNS configured? If yes, did you ensure the forward and reverse lookup entries on the DNS were updated with the new IP addresses of the servers?

Can you run the following reports in the Unified Reporting Tool and upload them here:

Unified CM Cluster Overview

Unified CM Database Status


Stephen Leach

Guys - thank you for your input - been away from work for a few days at weekend so just picked up again. I did some packet captures this morning when returning to work, the request was getting to the platform and response generated by the SUBS

On testing with a new laptop the SUBS were responding fine - the problem seems to be with a couple of LAB desktop test systems I was using on Friday, I subsequently installed Firefox on them both and tested again - works fine, cleared the cookies on IE and that works fine too.

Apologies for wasting time here - it looked very odd when it was reported and I was able to reproduce it Friday, but it seems that the issue was down to the clients not the CUCM platform itself - never seen this behaviour before!

Best regards

Steve Leach

Thanks for keeping the thread updated Stephen (+5)! Glad to hear it was something as straightforward as that :-)


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