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cueac question

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Frequent Contributor

We have issue with directory search response times , the directory size is 80K users in the CUCM - a mixture of CUCM users and non CUCM users.

CUEAC pulls the directory from CUCM, where does the local CUEAC console pull the directory from - I guess CUEAC but does it keep a local copy or doe sit always pull from CUEAC server


  • When an operator first logs in - it downloads the full directory - is this correct,
  • Does it store it locally or is it always searched from CUEAC?
  • When an operator then carries out their first search- is it a local cached version or again does search the CUEAC central server or its local cach verison

We think it is due to the size but need confirmqtion of how , where the directory comes from



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Frequent Contributor

extract from design

Change notification is not supported on Cisco Unified Communications Manager; so the whole data set

is synchronized to the Cisco Unified Attendant Console server. You can synchronize the data as

frequently as once per hour, but this is really only suitable for Cisco Unified Attendant Console

Department and Business Edition installations. With the larger number of contacts likely with Cisco

Unified Communications Manager Enterprise and Premium Edition installations you should only

synchronize the data once a day, preferably outside of business hours.

so to me it looks like there is a local cach and searches are then done locally, after the initial log on and sync?



The directory is stored in an SQL Database on the CUAC Server, nothing is stored or cached locally on the CUAC Client PC and the database is queried every time a search is run.

The slowness could caused by a few things, you could ensure you priorotize the traffic between the CUAC Client and Server, specificly port 1433 for SQL.

Are you using the free version of SQL Express whici installed with CUAC? The recommendations are to use SQL Standard or Enterprise is you have over 10,000 contact entries for performance reasons. SQL Express can only use a single CPU so it could be a SQL performance issue.

Have you tried running the client on the server for testing purposes to see how the response is? This would help you determine if it is network related or performance of SQL itself.


Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

i've suggested to my SI to install the app on the cueac  server as you suggested as I would also do this but the SI does seem to think of this logic. I will ask them about the SQL question, I also think  maybe they have not spec. it correctly for the 80k+ user


Hi Jamie

One of my customer is planing to use CISCO Unified Attandant Console Business Edition for the Operator ;

He has BE6000 with 300 users ; I have gone through the Server Software requirements for the Attandant Console Application ; It is mentioned that CUAC Business edition is works with Windows 2008 server OS with 32bit and 64 bit ;

But currenty windows 2008 server OS license is not orderable and we are forced to use Windows 2012 64 bit OS ;

Could you please let me know whether CUAC-BE is compatible with Windows 2012 , 64 bit Server OS.or not ;

I tried to install the CUAC BE application on Windows 2012 64bit OS but it gives me an error and i am not able to install the CUAC-BE application on this .

Awaiting your reply.



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