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DHCP Conflict on 2811 router, Telephony not working, stuck at CM List

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Level 1

Hi, Im trying to give DHCP to VOIP Phones, things work perfectly till i add more than 1 phone to each VLAN, then i get DHCP Conflicts at my Telephony router, wich gives DHCP to the Phones, then they enter a loop where they try to get an IP and a CM list number. Some phones pick up their line perfectly, but others enter that loop, i tried clearing the conflict but it doesnt work, i search in this forums and they recomend clearing the conflicts or adding a command to eleminate this conflict logs, but or they dont work or they simply dont exist as a command in the router, im new at telephony so i dont know what to do about this loop of DHCP and CM List.
I leave my pka so you can check every configuration so you can tell what im doing wrong with my dhcp or telephony service (TELEFONICA).


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Hello there, 

I took a look at your file. Your phones aren't registering because you've not assigned lines to most of them. I shutdown most of your network and isolated just the blue reception area. Adding the button config to ephones 6 and 7 cleared the errors and allowed your phones to register.