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Dial-Peer Reordered by CUCM


We have a gateway connected via MGCP for several FXO ports.

We use local configuration for when the gateway cannot connect to the CUCM server.

When I configure my dial-peer section I've been placing the FXO ports with "service mgcpapp" at the top of the list.  However, after the router downloads its configuration from CUCM it is moving several of these statements to the bottom of the list.

Thus, when a new call comes it isn't being sent to CUCM.

I've tried erasing and reentering all dial-peer statements a few times (in the correct order) but it just gets reordered later.


Thanks in advance


Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The MGCP and H323 dial peers don't mix at all, if you mean you're worried about SRST and the order of the MGCP Vs H323 DPs, nothing will happen.

If you don't want the GW to download the config from CUCM, remove the configuration that orders the GW to download its config from CUCM.



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I may not be understanding properly...

We do use SRST if the WAN fails and we lose connectivity to the CUCM server.  So, there is configuration on the device to handle calls in SRST.  However, this is happening even outside of SRST.

I put the dial-peers into the config... wait for (or force) a configuration download from CUCM ... and the dial-peers that should be at the top of the list get moved to the bottom.


I still dont understand why this is an issue, it doesnt matter what the order of dial-peers is in the configuration, what matters is what pattern getrs matched and the preference of dial-peers.


can you upload your config, and high light out what your issue is.

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Thanks minkdennis,

For us it's an issue because the SRST dial peers are getting matched before the MGCP ones.  Since we handle calls differently when in SRST mode vs. a CCM-Registered mode I need them to match in the proper order as well as on pattern.

Cisco's recommendation was to just remove the 'ccm-manager conf' command and avoid getting the configuration for the FXO ports from CUCM altogether.


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