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DX80 as a Virtual Receptionist

I'm trying to figure out if a DX80 is a good fit for a virtual receptionist scenario.  The building has a locked front lobby area without any staff members occupying it.  There is a designated resource inside the building to receive lobby calls and take care of the guests.  The receptionist would have a DX80 on her end as well.  The DX80 would be a good fit if we could get it to do a couple things:

1. Customize the main screen to ONLY call the receptionist.

2. Remove the missed calls and message dialog boxes.

3. Remove the Call, Contacts, Meetings, PC buttons.

I tried putting one into Public mode but you could still look at the Call options which show Recents, Favorits, Contacts, Directory.  If you end up in that screen, it doesn't appear you can automatically time-out back to the home screen. I've been reading user and admin guides but can't find anything on advanced customization.  I've even looked for Android apps that could do this but there wasn't anything that looked appropriate.

Is there a way to get items 1-3 implemented on a DX?  Or has anyone else tried this and been successful?


Cisco Employee


For the kind of use case you are describing we are proposing an application that we have developed. It is actually called the "Virtual Reception App" and it is running on the DX70 and DX80 Android operating system.

The application is made of templates you can configure and I believe it answers to the 3 points you are mentioning.

Please take contact with your Cisco representative to know more about the application.


Ashish Patel
Cisco Employee

Look at - I think this is the same Arnaud is referring to.


PhoneAppli EZDX | PhoneAppliPhoneAppli



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Thank you for the response, this looks like something that would work well.  Is this purchased through Cisco or directly through phoneappli?


If you are partner its part of Solutions Plus. PhoneAppli

If you are a customer contact your partner/Cisco account team to order through Solutionsplus.



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Joao Mafra

you can make it happen with the Collaboration Endpoint software for Webex DX80.
I've only gone and done it :-)
Using a pair of DX80 and a 8845, we can welcome a visitor at a remote office, and put the said visitor in touch with a Receptionist at a main office.
The DX80 is running on ce-9.3.2 and registered to CUCM. You will make use of JavaScript for the widgets and buttons that handle the touchscreen events.

First you will create the interface with the panels for the user touch inputs. This is done under In-Room configuration option (under Integration tab).
Then you need to code the events triggered by the buttons you placed on the interface.
Attach is a script example, where you have a Reception call button, and a Panel for local departments and a Dispatch call button.
For points #2 and #3 you can disable them from the Setup tab. Later you can export configuration to replicate on other devices.

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