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Executive and Assistant phone lines


I am new to CUCM. Version 9.1

Assistant would like to accept manager calls when he is busy. She would like to be able to transfeer calls, to executive when he is not busy and direct calls to executive's voice mail when applicable.

What is the best approach to accomplish this tasks.


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Jay,

There are quite a few ways to handle this request so I'll just

give you one take on this

Let's get some example DN's to work with here. We'll say the manager is @ 5555 and the

admin is @ 4444. You can set the Call Forward Busy settings on the 5555 DN page

to go to 4444 or you could actually put an appearance of 5555 on the 4444 spare

line button. Make sure to set the Busy Trigger on 5555 to 1 if you want all secondary

calls to go directly to the admin.

You will also want to set Call Forward Override

Cisco    Unified CallManager provides a service parameter (CFA Destination    Override) that allows the administrator to override Call Forward All    (CFA) when the target of the CFA calls the initiator of the CFA, so  the   CFA target can reach the initiator for important calls. In other   words,  when the user to whom calls are being forwarded (the target)   calls the  user whose calls are being forwarded (the initiator), the   phone of the  initiator rings instead of call forwarding back to the   target. The  override works whether the CFA target phone number is   internal or  external.

When    the CFA Destination Override service parameter is set to False (the    default value), no override occurs. Ensure the service parameter is  set   to True for CFA override to work. See Service Parameters  Configuration   in the Cisco Unified CallManager Administration Guide

I'm going to assume you are running Unity Connection for

your Voicemail set up. Here is a nice thing to have for the Transfer

directly to VM. This will allow the admin to take a call for the manager

@ 5555 and send the caller directly to the manager mailbox if requested.



"A smile relieves a heart that grieves" 

- Stones

Hi Jay.

I can also add a way  to what Rob (+5P) suggested:

-Configure a second line on assistant telephone whith a casual DN (let's say 4444 ).

-Configure a new softkey template and add iDivert feture in "Ring out" state

-Add this template to the assistant phone.

-Configure a new voicemail profile Eg. "ManagerVM" and put the manager extension on "Voice Mail Box MASK"

-Add this voicemail profile to the new configured DN on Assistant phone.

- On the manager DN put the busy trigger value to 1 and add 4444 in "call forward busy" field (make sure that CSS is able to call 4444)

This ensure the following action to the assistant:

1) Answer manager's calls when he's busy

2) Transfer Manager's redirected calls to Manager's voice mail by selecting "idivert" softkey




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"The more you help the more you learn"

Please rate all helpful posts "The more you help the more you learn"
Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Carlo,

Nice thinking here my friend (+5 )



"A smile relieves a heart that grieves" 

- Stones

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