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Export, download, or view current List.xml in CUCM 8.5?

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I am playing with creating a new background image for a sub-set of our 7961 phones.  Currently, there in a custom background that was made by someone no longer with our company.  I have looked over the instructions to create and upload a new List.xml file.

My question is that if I upload my new file, which only references the new background image, does that blow away the current image option?

I would think it would, but then is there a way to get at the original List.xml to copy the file names for the existing background image and thumbnail?

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Dave, don't want to overwrite the existing list.xml

Have you tried this method?

Customizing and Modifying Configuration Files

You can modify configuration files (for example, edit the xml files) and add customized files (for example, custom ring tones, call back tones, phone backgrounds) to the TFTP directory. You can modify files and add customized files to the TFTP directory in Cisco IPT Platform Administration, from the TFTP Server File Upload page. Refer to Cisco IP Telephony Platform Administration Guide for information about how to upload files to the TFTP folder on a Cisco Unified CallManager server.

You can obtain a copy of the Ringlist.xml and List.xml files from the system using the following admin command-line interface (CLI) "file" commands:


file list*

file view*

file search*

file get*

file dump*

file tail*

file delete*

From this doc;



If I create the List.xml with the new background information, does it just update the List.xml? Not overwrite it?



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