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Thiago Gandara

Extension mobility - message Forward to after logout

Hi voice team,

     I configured the extension mobility and works fine (login and logout), but after i logout the message "Forward to" appears on the screen. But this message not affect the telephony system, i believe this is a bug. How to remove this message.



Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

It sounds like the line of the logged out profile has call forward all (CFA) set on it.  You can check the line of the logged out profile in CUCM and remove CFA or try pressing the CFWDALL softkey to try and remove CFA.  Do you see the forwarding icon on the top right where there is a phone icon with an arrow above it when you see the forwarded to message on the phone?

Hi, the CFA is checked on device profile, because the user can forward the calls when he wants. When user logout the message appears, but actually it is not forward to nowhere.

Right, the user's profile is the logged in profile, the logged out profile can be another device profile or "use current device" settings for the logged out profile meaning use the physical phone's configuration.  Can you take a screenshot so I can see what it looks like please (  Also what phone model and firmware do you see this on?

i cant do the sreenshot, the models are 7911, 7941 and 7942, the firmware models are:

7911 - SCCP11.8-3-2S, 7941 - SCCP41.8-3-2S, 7942 - SCCP42.9-3-1-1S

I using "USE CURRENT DEVICE" on phone configuration.

I just tried this on a 7965 running 9-3-1 and couldn't reproduce it.  I just setup EM, logged in.  On the logged in profile set CFA to another number.  Logged out of EM, so the phone went back to the logged out profile of "use current device" and I see "Your current options" on the display.

Does this happen to all the phones in your evnrionment?

Yes, all the phones have the same problem, and somtimes when i logout, the messagem "Forward to" appears, and sometimes when i logout the message "Your current options" appears, very weird.

Are these phones registered to the subscriber ? If yes, can you have a couple of phones register to the publisher and then do this test. Just wondering if replication has some issues. If you find the phones show your current options on the phone when registered to the Publisher, this would mean you need to look into replication issues.

The phones are registered on the publisher, i dont have subscribers.


I have this problem too.

please soneone help us.

CUCM version

Phone affected 7965 and 7942

Phone Load :



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