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If someone calls our main number in our office, they are gven an option to type in an individual's name (if caller doesn't know their extension), but if I type in a particular user, it does not recognize it. where do I look at in callmanager 4.1 to correct that?

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Typically, the directory lookup is handled by Unity. The user is given the option to be listed or not listed in the directory. Are you using Unity in your environment?

Yes. We use Unity 4.2 and under users profile, the box "List in phone directory" is checked off. Is there another area to look at?

Thank you for replying!

Hi Jose,

I beleive the the user also has to have recorded their "spoken name" for this to work properly.

Let us know,


If I dial his extension, he has recorded his name along with his work title.

Hi -

It is a requirement that the user have recorded their name. When you dial his extension, are you sure you are hearing his recorded name as opposed to his personal greeting?

Another thought - Is the user's name spelled correctly on the subscriber page in Unity?

Hi Jose,

I like Laura's thinking here :) The other thing that concerns me is that you mentioned the "Recorded Name and work title". That sounds like a problem to me. It should probably just be the First and Last Name only!

Hope this helps!


Yes, good point, Rob. Also, here is a link for fixing a sync issue that could be causing the problem.

Thank you! I'll check on sync doc.

Here's what's going on. I dial the office main number and I get greeting. "If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at anytime or if you may press 7 for staff directory" and this is where his name isn't showing up at when you press the digits on the phone.

ps. sorry for misinformation :)

I'll check on it.

thank you very much!