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Font change on 88xx

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We're running CUCM System version:  Last night we applied a device pack (cmterm-devicepack10.5.2.14068-1.cop.sgn) and rebooted all cluster nodes.  Phone firmware's did not change.  Models are 8841 and 8861.  

Today the phones are working fine, but the font has noticeably changed on the display.  It's a bit larger.  Several users have reported this.  

What could change a font change on the phone display?  Is it something unrelated to the devicepack that took affect during the reboot?  Or the devicepack itself?



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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

OK, so you're saying that you already had the same FW the DevPack contains, and phones have been running on it without the change in the font?



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No, sorry.  The packages contained newer firmwares.  But we overrode the firmware upgrade via Device Defaults, to keep it at the original version.  Also confirmed via GUI after the upgrade that the phones did not upgrade.  They were (and are still) running sip88xx.10-3-1-20.  

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Bill,

The firmware for the 88xx series that is installed with Device pack cmterm-devicepack10.5.2.14068-1.cop.sgn is 11-0-1 which does show this "user enhancement"

User Interface Enhancements

Users can now see the Do Not Disturb(DND) icon displayed in the top line of the phone screen when DND is enabled. Users may also notice a larger displayed font size and an improved line label display.

The administrator does not need to enable these improvements.

These features are supported on the following phones:
  • Cisco IP Phone 8811

  • Cisco IP Phone 8841

  • Cisco IP Phone 8845

  • Cisco IP Phone 8851

  • Cisco IP Phone 8851NR

  • Cisco IP Phone 8861

  • Cisco IP Phone 8865




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