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FXO port call not working on GSM Box

We configured Cisco 2921 router as a Voice Gateway, on which E1 PRI was configured which is working fine...

There was requirement to configure the GSM box...for International outgoing calls as GSM box call rate is low which will be cost effective..

from GSM box 3 FXO port are connected on Cisco 2921 VGW.

 We have configured all the FXO ports ,still the calls are not working. when we checked with the show commands calls hit on the FXO port But we are getting the IVR: "the number you are dialed is incorrect, please check and try again" ,which is a we are suspecting Telco IVR.

VGW #sh voice call status
CallID     CID  ccVdb      Port        Slot/DSP:Ch  Called #   Codec    MLPP Dial-peers
0x67A3     0    0x02A84070 0/2/1            0/1:1  *9819640411 g711ulaw 300/202
1 active call found

But when we remove the SIM card from GSM box & fix it in a mobile & do test International call it works..

we are confuse whether it will be TElco issue or our end issue

Rising star

Pls attach debug voip ccapi inout (if it is h323 gw) and debug vpm signal along with show run.

This error message  is a telco prompt and it may the reason that you are not sending called/calling number as they are supposed to get.



Hello Suresh..we configured SIP trunk ..for VGW

attached is the sh_run & Debug output .

Calling number 247233500576

Called Number 000919819640411


You have not attached updated show run, as per logs it is matching 000T destination pattern & dial peer 203 but it not there in attached show run and as per logs you have not mentioned "prefix 00" due to this explicitly defined digits are removing.

Try below and test, if doesn't work then put cptone as well on fxo port (0/2/2).

dial-peer voice 203 pots
destination-pattern 000T

prefix 00
port 0/2/2



Hi Suresh,

The config is with GSM box.Can you please tel if there is any other config needs to be added on gateway for GSM box.Like caller id for GSM or any translation rule.

Also regarding the CP tone.We are unable to find the CP tone for country:Cameroon.(central Africa)


Hello Vijay,

Please do you mind if i have the hardware configuration/ architecture.

I want to have an environment which uses gsm and land line solution.

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