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FXO port connectivity and multisite setup

Have configured several single site UC500s but am now building a multi site set up from the ground up.

Here's my scenario

Site 1 - Main site

34 Phones

Site 2 - 22 phones

Site 3 - 11 phones

Site 4 - 11 phones

The main site currently has 4 centrex lines that accomodate all 34 phones with a direct-dial connection. All other sites have multiple POTS lines phone number to a receptionist at each site who directs the calls (No direct-dial from outside)

They are all currently on subnets in a similar address space with connection to all offices via fiber network.

Question 1

Can I connect the 4 centrex lines to the FXO ports on a UC560 and I'll be able to configure simliar functionality as we have currently? My knowledge of Centrex is limited so my understanding is that the CO acts as the PBX and directs the calls before even hitting the building, so I'm not sure how that will work.

Question 2

Will I be able to configure the UCs at each site to allow direct dialing across the IP network between offices? My goal is to have someone in site 1 dial 4 digits and connect to a desk in another site without tying up a POTS line.

If you could shed some light I'd appreciate it.


paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

1. Yes, but you will have to look how rhe centrex features interact with your setup. which lines of lines are these, Analog DID possibly. Ask telco for details, Possibly, cancel centrex service altogether and get ISDN PRI or BRI instead.

2. Yes, it's a normal configuration.

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