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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


H323 T302 and Overlap Sending

Hi All,

I have an H323 gateway that has multiple numbers delivered to it.  We are using overlap sending and the gateway is in Germany so we have variable length dial plans to deal with.

I know this isnt a good design (I unfortuantely had no control over it) but it is how it is.  I now have been tasked with fixing it!

We have an "important" number on 0 1234 567 0

We also have a number range of 0 1234 56 7000-7999

The problem we have is that users often cannot dial the users on the number range and the calls just get delivered to the "important" number.;f=8;t=001144

I've found this around changing the interdigit timeout values on dial-peers / PSTN connections but  I'm not sure how it interacts with overlap sending etc, and changing it and testing isn't practical as we don't want to risk affecting users until we are sure.

Our dial peers are configured with :

destination-pattern 012345670


destination-pattern 012345670..

If I add an interdigit timout to the E1 interface, I assume that PSTN inbound callers will have X Number of seconds to enter more digits after the last 0 - so if i set this to 5 or 6 that should be a reasonable amount of time to allow them to dial?

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