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Help, I need to catch busy calls exceptions using CUE and CUCM.

Hi all,

I was asked to modify the maximun trigger busy calls parameter for all extensions on the Call Manager (CUCM 8.6), to play a "busy tone" when a user is on a Call.

but now, my company needs to do this:

If the current person who is called is busy, play an sound telling "Your call is important, please stand by..." and then try to redial that extension.

I was thinking I can get this using the escenario:

User 1 Calls --> Busy tone --> Line in CUCM is call redirec to for busy to a CTI Route Ponint to CUE --> User hears waiting audio (and some music) --> CUE retransfer it to the caller.

CUE retransfer it to original calling number.

So, this is my question.

How can I tell to the CUE "Tranfer the extension to the las redirect number the caller called"? I need the CUE to remember the original DNIS of the current session and re-transfer to it again.

I know there is an option on the Cisco Unity Express Editor, that can do this..

Some of thos users do the Trick, but I do not which one and how

Please, can u' help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


I've found the solution.

you have to create anetoer IVR ATT with a new DN, then you have to configure the forwards (busy/No answer) to that ATT in order to make the "please wai a moment, we'll be back" file plays.

then you have to configure the "waiting script" with this option.

for incoming calls to that ATT, get the "last redirecter number" with the tool "get contact call info", then store that info into a string variable and after that, redirect the call to that stored number.

This is the flow.

Inc call --> forward busy/no answer --> redirect to ATT and play file --> inc call again to the last redirected number.


Thats all.


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