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Help me to modify the enduser pin in cucm7


Does any one can tell me what web functional can modify enduser pin password !!


Happy new year


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Goodmorning Harvey,

As an administrator you can navigate to the /ccmadmin pages

User Management/

Select your user in question/

In there you can change the PIN and update.

As an enduser, you can go to the /ccmuser pages (https://x.x.x.x/ccmuser)

(If you’re unable to access the pages as an enduser, ensure the user belongs to the group “Standard CCM End Users”)


Hi  kvandeve

Thanks for you quickly reply, but I don't know what user name and password can login ccmuser page . I have try to  using userid and pin or Digest Credentials. system prompt  " Log on failed - Invalid User ID or Password "


Hi Harvey,

that's probably b/c the enduser is not assigned to the standart ccmenduser group.

Can you go into:


User Management

User Group

Standard CCM End Users

Add your user into that particular group.

Make sure to save it.

That should work.


Hi  kvandeve

Yes ,I had add the enduser to stardard ccm user group ,But we still can not login to the enduser management page!!

HI Harvey,

If you're in a hurry we can set the PIN in CUCM from the admin log.  (admin can set user's pin) temporarily until we've got this figured out.

By any chance are you also using Ldap authentication?

In that case, the password of ldap will need to be used.

Otherwhise we authenticate against the local CUCM DB.

(i assume you're getting a password failure if you're using a incorrect password?)



You don't say whether the user has been provisioned (account created) by LDAP integration or been created solely from within CUCM by perhaps using BAT. If the user account has been created via LDAP integration with Active Directory say, the user ID will be that specified in CUCM by the password will be that specified in Active Directory. Our users get caught out by this time and time again.

Assuming you have CCMAdmin or equivalent rights, you can of course modify the PIN of the users behalf by going to User Management - End User and selecting the appropriate user ID


Richard McLoughlin

Networking and Telephony Team

University of Plymouth

Hi kvandeve Richard

Thanks for your supported , I have resolved that problem , the root cause was the password on the ad was expired ,so user can not login normally.

have a nice day


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