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How can I run a traffic report for a voice gateway?

Les Pruden
Level 4
Level 4

We have several 3845 voice gateways at our various locations.  Many of these have several different PRI connections and most are running H.323 protocol.  I have been looking at the CDR Analysis and Reporting area in CUCM Serviceability and specifically the gateway traffic reports.  Here is my environment:

Call Manager 7.1.3

3845 voice gateway Version 12.4(24)T2

8 serial ports -- 4 to carrier A - 1 to carrier B - 1 to carrier C - 2 to internal eScription server - 1 to Rightfax server

Gateway is using H.323

This voice gateway has 184 ports on 8 PRI

I set up the system parameters --> gateway configuration for 184 ports

When I run the gateway utilization I get data but, because the eScription and Rightfax servers are not heavily utilized the report tells me that this gateway is running at 20%.

Does anyone know of a better report or method for traffic reporting?  I would like to be able to determine if I need to reduce the carrier PRI's (seems like it) but I cannot get any real data.  Any input on another approach or tool or methodology would be greatly appreciated.  I am not aware of any reporting available on the voice gateway but maybe there is.  Also - I looked at RTMT but the data is similar to the CDR gateway utilization report (but again - I might have missed something).

Any insight would be most appreciated,


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Tommer Catlin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You can export the CDR data from the CUCM servers.  This will tell you where the traffic came from and to based on that gateway (or any gateway).  But you will need to then filter the traffic on DIDs so you can see what went where, etc.   Third party CDR systems do a much better job on helping with this traffic analysis.  I believe there is a voice command that will show the number of calls from an interface such as PRI or SIP.  What both will NOT do is give a max call per hour.  You can only try and estimate this out.  The default reports in CUCM will give you a baseline on the router utulization (gateway calls).  Exporting the calls from CDR and breaking them down in Excel will give you better data.

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