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How can Unity Connection say the extension to the callers?

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Hi Guys,

I need to do the following:

I have 2 extension numbers, 2001 and 3001.

When user calls 2001 , I want to forward the call to unity connection which say sth like "sorry, the number has been changed to" , "3" , "0" , "0" , "1" . and then forward the call to extension 3001.

Any Ideas?

Thx for any comment!!!!

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Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

This is definitely possible. You will need to use a combination of call routing rules and call handlers..

You need to create a CH on UCXN, record the message you want to play and then set the after greeting action to transfer to 3001.

You then need to create a routing rule that will do the ff: when the forwarding station=2001, transfer the call to the CH you created above.

Thats pretty much it

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Thx a lot of the advice!

However, how can UCXN  tell the caller the number (3001 in this case, i want UCXN to say "3" "0" "0" "1"in english to the caller being transfered?

Since i am going to do like 1000 of this, i don't want to record 1000 different greetings with different numbers

any more ideas?

There really is no way to do what you want with CUC without recording the message for every single DN, you would need to look into UCCX/UCCE to do something with a script to get the DN and record all the digits so they're played out when you call

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