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How to provision a Cisco 8851 (3PCC) phone to Ringcetnral's network



I have had an account with Ringcentral for years now and was always using a Cisco 303 phone, but we received a notice that the 303 was being listed as EOL (End of Life) by Ringcentral and Ciso in the spring '24 sometime.

So I looked at the approved list of phones to use with Ringcentral and chose the 8851 (3PCC)

I have tried their auto provisioning and it doesn't work, they directed me to ask Cisco how to do it (which upsets me, they should be able to do this).  I get a pop up window that says "The resync URL's format is not correct, phone cannot complete your request!"

So I've navigated to the ip address for my phone on my browser and I can access the settings admin section for the phone.  But I have no idea where to put the info from Ringcentral. 

I have the following settings information from ringcentral:

  • SIP Domain
  • Remote SIP port
  • Local SIP port
  • Outbound Proxy
  • Outbound Proxy Port
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Authorization ID

But I'm not sure if all of the information is not needed or if the terminology from Cisco and Ringcentral is just different.  Because I don't know what information from Ringcentral goes in which field in the Cisco Phone's admin area.

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