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Hunt Group Forwarding Via Jabber Client

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Level 1

Hi All,


So, to begin with, I'm completely new to setting up Line Groups etc, have no Cisco background and am 'Winging It'.


I've created a hunt list, with a hunt pilot and line group.


I've set this up so that is uses the round robin function, i.e. person who has had the longest amount of time since a call.


However, as we travel between sites, when we have forwarded our calls (Via Jabber) our Physical desk phones ring, as opposed to the phones we are sat by.


Is there a way to configure our forwarding, so that if our jabber has forwarding to a local extension, e.g. 5012 it will ring on that phone rather than our own phones?


Forgive me if I'm not being clear enough, any advice is much appreciated.

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you mean you have configured your deskphone/Jabber in the line group, then configured CFA on either device, and when a call comes from the hunt pilot you expect the CFA behavior, that will not work.

All call forward behaviors are ignored when the call arrives via a hunt pilot.

The only way to have other device ring at the same time, is to use SNR, and for that, you need to use outside destinations, you cannot use a DN registered to the same CUCM



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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
When Call Comes from Hunt Group, Call Forward settings are ignored.
You can add the Required local Extension in the Hunt Group and Enable Hunt Login Feature. So when you are on that desk just Press Login Button and you will start receiving calls on it.

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