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Hunt Group - Which method is better


I have found two ways of setting up a hunt group using a pilot number and am wondering which what people think is the better ... Hunt group configured through the Route Plan - Rount/Hunt or the Service - CM Attendant Console method.

My scenario is a group of 3 users who want a single number advertised for help desk type calls (not their personal numbers which they want to keep seperate) and to have a second line configured on each phone that will ring in a hunt group configuration and then go to voicemail (Unity unified messaging). We are using extension mobility.

The way i was going to set it up is as follows:

1. A new Line Group configured with the three user's second extensions 301,302,303 using Longest Idle as dist. algorithm.

2. The line group assigned to a new Hunt List.

3. The Hunt List then assigned to a new Hunt Pilot with pilot number 300. The Hunt Forward Settings for No Answer and Hunt Busy are set to "Use Personal Preferences".

4. In AD a new AD account and mailbox called SysAdmins created for voicemail storage. Added to Unity as a subscriber.

5. A new device profile called SysAdmins with the number advertised to users 38000 configured as line one which is set to forward all to the Hunt Pilot number 300. Forward No Coverage is set to forward to voicemail which sends the call to the Unity in the event the call is unanswered by the members of the Line Group or busy.

6. The sysadmin mailbox is added to their outlook configurations so they can check voicemails. They will need to work out a process as to how they manage responding to voicemail.

I have tested this setup and it works well but am wondering what the difference is between this and the attendant console Pilot Group/ Hunt Group method?

Any advice appreciated.


Playing around i eliminated the need for the user device profile that forwards the the pilot number.

By making the pilot number the number i want to advertise to users and and changing the Hunt Forward Settings to the destination of my voicemail pilot i can get rid of step 5.

You will want to use the Route/Hunt method. The Attendant Console is intended only for users who are using the (now End of Life) Cisco Attendant Console client.

You first three steps look good. On the fourth step you should un-check the "user personal preferences" option and enter your voice mail pilot as the forward destination. Unity will see the hunt pilot as the forwarding station and eliminate the need for step five.

If you need to advertise a different DN to users such as 38000, I would recommend using a translation pattern to get that to the hunt pilot 300.

Lastly, if you want MWI to work on those lines, you can configure the DNs (301, 302, 303) as alternate extensions in the Unity mailbox 300 for the hunt pilot.

Thanks j ... very helpful.

I think i will modify the pilot number to actually be the number advertised to users ... that way i will not need the translation pattern.

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