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Increase volume on ip phone 7941

I have a user who has his volume on full capacity and he has saved this setting. He states he would like the option of having it lounder than it is. At the present it is on full volume with no capacity to make it louder should he wish to have it louder due to background noise. It is definately set up to max and saved.Its a 7941 series CCM4.2(3) Is there a enterprise setting for this? Thanks Derek

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Re: Increase volume on ip phone 7941

Hi Derek,

We have a number of similar users here, and have used the Walker amplifier (W-10) quite successfully. With this amplifier connected you don't need a separate handset just use the standard Cisco handset that was shipped with the phone. There is no Enterprise setting for this type of volime increase.

This is also a very cost effective solution. Have a look (just an example :)

Hope this helps!



Re: Increase volume on ip phone 7941

Thanks Rob, looks like this will have to go back to our projects teams as this will be extra money for our customer. Thanks. Derek

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Re: Increase volume on ip phone 7941

To add to the good advice from Rob, if you can judge that the volume is not so high at any setting, you can increase the input gain under voice-port of few dBs. this is GW-based setting that will affect all users.

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Re: Increase volume on ip phone 7941

Thanks for that I suspected it was going to be a global setting but was hopeing it was on ccm, but alas its not. Thanks. Not used this system of getting information but its good and a lot quicker than dredging through the cisco site. Mnay thanks. Derek

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