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Integration with NICE Logger using SRTP over SIP trunk


Hi guys,

I just wonder if anyone has any experience in integrating CCM with NICE Logger using SIP trunk with SRTP before? Can share your experience?



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I've done some implementation of NICE Active Recording with SIP trunk to CUCM to record RTP not SRTP. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Hi robert,

Glad to hear that man.

Currently I have a NICE system integrated with CCM using passive and active recording.

Passive recording using span method, Active recording using SIP trunk method.

Does Passive method requires NICE to install TSP drivers? Do you know which servers in NICE system requires TSP drivers?

If possible, are there anyways to know how NICE system works?

Hope its not too troublesome for you. Thanks.

To be honest my involvement was mostly on the CUCM side of the solution (not the NICE side).

I do know that the Cisco TSPs are required for whatever NICE server is going to talk to CUCM directly for information about the recorded DNs. I remember specifically that in the Active solution TSP was NOT required on the Logger but was on the other server. We actually had engineers from NICE working with us for the NICE side.

Hi Robert,

We have a customer that is looking at a NICE recording solution to integrate into a UCM 8.6 cluster.  NICE has not been able to give me any type of call manager documentation, and google doesn't seem to be helping either.

Can you give me an overview of what is needed on the call manager to get on-demand recording working.

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