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IP Communicator and Lync running together fails

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Level 1

Hi all,

I've got this really strange issue.  The behavior is that Cisco IP Communicator client will go off-hook and on-hook while the Lync client will maximize and minimize on the their computer. The user will end up having to power off/power on the computer because IP Communicator and Lync are eating up all the resources.

We have a group of users who are running Cisco IP Communicator (and maybe another version of 7.x.x.x, still researching) who recently installed the MSFT Lync client on their machine.

They are heavy users of Cisco IP Communicator and their computers will come unstable. 

Now if this happen to one user, I would call it a fluke.  I've got 5 users who can reproduce the condition about 70% of the time by making around 6-10 IP Communciator calls before it starts running into this issue (I personally cannot reproduce the condition).  The users are running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Has anyone ever heard of this issue?  Any suggestions on what may be causing it?

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