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IP Communicator not using ISDN link.


I am having an issue with a new installation for an ISDN link. We have Call Manager 4.2 installed on a server and we have two Cisco 3845 routers running this IOS version: c3845-spservicesk9-mz.124-6.T3.

The problem we are facing is that when we try to use a ISDN connection to route calls the IP Communicators are not able to establish the call, and after a while it takes other E1 link we have installed on the routers.

When we try to use the ISDN link with any other kind of IP phones we have no problems, that tells us that we have no problems on the ISDN side. However, every time we place a call that uses the ISDN link (the ISDN link is only used for cell phone calls) from the IP Communicator the call won't be established. We have matched the configuration between the IP phones and the IP Communicators at the Call Manager, but we still have no luck.

Is this issue related with IOS version? Call Manager version? or the IP Communicator version? are we missing anything else on this configuration?.

I have attached some debug outputs I gathered from our testing.

Thanks for your help!.

Cisco Employee

Re: IP Communicator not using ISDN link.

It looks as though the telco is not responding to the ISDN SETUP. The gateway fails the call due to a signaling timeout.

Is there an example of a working call in the debug file? If so, can you provide us with the calling and called party number?



Re: IP Communicator not using ISDN link.

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for your reply.

All the tests we did were made to this number: 0445539523085. I understand that the other calls were successful when they are done from a IP phone, but when we try to do the same calls from an IP Communicator it doesn't work.

Hope this helps.

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