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Issue with Remote Destination Profile and calling party transformation

Hi all,

I'm trying to get a remote destination profile to use a transformation pattern to transform a calling party number and it's not working (or, more likely, I don't quite understand the fuction of these settings).  Within the Remote Destination Profile, the "Calling Party Transformation CSS" field is set to "Transformation_PHX_CSS".  The "Transformation_PHX_CSS" contains a single partition called "PHX_Transformation_PT".  I have a transformation pattern of "96025551212" (<- NOTE: Not the actual number because I don't want to publize it on the forum).  The transformation pattern matches the number of this person's cell phone (which is the remote destination added to the remote destination profile).  In the "Calling Party Transformations" section of the transformation pattern I have "Calling Party Transformation Mask" set to 96025551213.

My assumption is that when 96025551212 is called by the remote destination profile, it will match the transformation pattern and change the calling party number to 96025551213.  It doesn't.  Instead, the calling party number remains the originating calling party number of whomever called in the first place.  What am I missing?




Issue with Remote Destination Profile and calling party transfor

Ugh.  OK, clearly I don't understand calling party transformation patterns (but at least I learned something about them today).  I got this working.  I made the pattern XXXXXXXXXX and then set the Calling Party Transformation Mask" to the main phone number of the office out of which the call is made.

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Issue with Remote Destination Profile and calling party transfor


The problem you are having is that you have defined calling party transofrmation, but your RDP is a called party. Hence the reason its not matching.. The reason XXXXXXXXXX is working is because it matches the calling number and then xforms it. SO you need to define the appropriate calling number xformation.

Here 96025551212 is the called pattern, the RDP is the calling pattern. I hope its clearer now..

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