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Jabber configuration file Failed to download TFTP config. No TFTP server address available in server queue.



I am configuring Jabber and I found that my Jabber can't be login by LDAP user or local users because I reaceive the messaje 


Jabber configuration fileFailed to download TFTP config. No TFTP server address available in server queue.


Apparently I need to create a Jabber-Config.xml but I don't get why do I have to do this... I tough that when you create the UC Services and these apply them to service profile that was going to be all the information my jabber needed.


If this is mandatory and I specify my parameters like parameters for CUCM, CUC and CUCM IM&P  on Jabber-Config-xml. Why do i have to create services parameters and service profile if these have the same information? 

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The jabber-config.xml is not mandatory, if it overlaps with UC services, the documentation explains how precedence works. What you do need is the. Xml config file for the jabber device as any other phone. There are a LOT of parameters that can only go in the jabber-config.xml file, whether you need the file or not, is up to you.


I suggest you make sure all your configuration is as explained in the jabber docs, and if no avail, review a PRT for clues. 



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I saw a jabber-config.xml and It had a lot of parameters and some of them were the same of UC Services.


But if this is not what I need to make my jabber register what could be the problem? I made a quick search I found that it could be caused by I was missing Jabber-config.xml.


Another this is when I loging Jabber using Automatic option I received that error about TFTP but if I try doing it using IM&P and his IP address I get the message Failure: Failed_malformed_Email_Address so I don't understand the problem. I have checked my configuration and everything is fine

You don't need to create the file jabber-config.xml (not mandatory). The
TFTP settings are applied when you do IMP integration with CUCM and in IMP
configuration. Application > Legacy Clients > Settings. As the clients
first connect to IMP server, the TFTP servers are provided by IMP to Jabber
Clients to register with CUCM servers.

Review your IMP configuration and makesure that your TFTP is pointed
correctly to CUCM.

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Hello I had a bug in my  CUCM IM&Presence that made some services didn't start so I had to rebuild the CUCM IM&Presence and after my all services were up my jabber logged without problem

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