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Line group doesn't work like I want

Hello evrybody.

I have a line goup configured like this but when I call to the first member, hunt to the next dial number configured doesn't work.

All members of the line group are internal dial numbers:


- Line Group Information 

RNA reversion timeout: 10


- Hunt Options

Busy: Try next member, but do not go to next group

Not Available: Try next member, but do not go to next group

- Current Line Group Members




- Directory Numbers

7000 in PT_Users
7001 in PT_Users
7049 in PT_Users


I wait more than 10 seconds when I call to 7000 dial number

Could anyboby help me?.


Thanks in advance. 



Are you saying that the call does not go to the other members in the group or it takes more than 10sec before it hunts to the next available member?

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Hi Ayodeji,


Happens both cases that you are telling.

The test calls is from a Cisco phone in the same CUCM that the dial numbers in the line group are.


Ok..go to the DN and change the ring no answer duration to 6 and test again

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Hi Ayodeji,

I've already tried to do that but calls don't hunt

Please attach a screen shot of your line group config, hunt pilot and hunt list

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Hi Ayodeji,

I wrote my line group config in my first post. The main configuration, if you need know anymore, tell me what.

Read the second and the third post about hunt pilot and hunt list.


Suresh Hudda
Rising star

Dear, looks like you have configured the line group only. If you want to hunt these numbers then you will have to create a hunt list and a hunt pilot (e.g. 7005). In that case when someone dials 7005 then that calls will go around these numbers as you required.


Hello Suresh,

You are right, I only configured the line group.

I know that the configuration you are telling me would work but I can't give a new dial number to this work team formed for these three dial numbers. It'd cause a negative impact in their work.

Hunt pilot should be 7000 and on the case of no answer or not available, the call should go to 7001 and after, in the same cases, to 7049.

CUCM doesn't allow to configure 7000 like a hunt pilot and a dial number at the same time with the same partition.


I think you should follow below latest discussion on the same type of requirement, it will help you a lot configuring it.


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