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migrating from CUE to Unity Connection

Hey everyone--looking for some guidance on migrating from Unity Express to Unity Connection. Client had a CME system at one site, looking to move to CMBE now and they want to save exisitng voicemails.  Someone suggesting connecting them via VPIM.  Is this a good way to do it or is there a better way and is there any documentation on how?

Also, they get their VMs sent to their email and you have to delete them in two seperate spots.  With Unity Connection, is the integration better, in that if you delete it from one place, you don't have to delete it from the other?  Or is it still you have to delete it in two seperate spots unless you setup a direct IMAP (seperate email inbox)?  Trying to make it as simple as possible.

Thanks for the help.

Cisco Employee

Re: migrating from CUE to Unity Connection

With Unity Connection, I believe that if you delete the message from the email mailbox, that it will be removed from the VM mailbox, too.  I haven't done much with unified messaging on Unity Connection, though.

The easiest way is tojust save the messages off via IMAP (CUE Integrated messaging) to the local drive.  If they want the voicemails in their new inbox, though, then I guess VPIM is the only way to get that over.

This link may help for VPIM:

Or, if you want a step by step guide, this is from some third party person, but it may offer you some decent detailed steps to get you started:

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