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Multisite for video endpoints: What are the downsides compared to using CMS?

Level 7
Level 7

Hi all,


I'm new to video endpoints, was hoping someone could clear up some questions regarding multisite that I haven't been able to find thorough answers for online. The questions are assuming you have a multisite key for a supported video endpoint (such as a new room kit).


1) Are there strict limitations on audio/video codecs that can be used during multisite? For example only G.711, only H.264 etc.

2) Are there limitations on the layout of the VC? For example you can't customize the presentation, can't add banners, no speaker tracking etc.?

3) Any chance there is a resource which shows how a multisite party looks like from a user perspective, like a screenshot of the screen during a 4-way conference?

4) Is there any configuration for multisite from the CUCM-side of things, or is it just a simple ad-hoc button with best effort design?

5) Feel free to add any other drawbacks why a company would pick CMS over multisite that you think is worth mentioning.


Thanks for your time, I realize it's a somewhat loaded discussion but then again the resources I've seen for multisite don't delve too much into the details.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Multisite feature is more like ad-hoc conference, you need to connect each party to the conference call


in CMS, we have a room number, everyone just dial in and join the conference. CMS can handle more participants per conf call than Multisite.


and when we have TMS, we can schedule conference call on CMS.

Thanks for replying,


Your summation as a single sentence is roughly the level of documentation I found for this feature online. I'm looking for in-depth information, which is why I broke up the question into a number of different aspects.