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Music On Hold Issue


Hello Everyone,

This is my first time on the forums, so I hope I'm posting my question in the right place (and sorry if it is a question that has already been asked and answered).

I am support a company which utilizes Music On Hold. MOH is working fine, however, some of the executives have a complaint and I wanted to see if there is an actual "fix" for this configuration. To clarify, here is an example:

Caller 1 calls extension 1234. Extension 1234 gets another call puts caller 1 on hold. This would be the start of MOH.

Extension 1234 hangs up with both calls. Caller 1 decides to call back, and the MOH starts from the beginning (this is NOT what we want. We want the music to actually just continuously play over and over and over so that callers don't call in and listen to the same music at the same spot).

Is there any configuration change that could be done to achieve this goal, or is this just a design feature? I know it sounds like a silly request, and I agree that it is, but I just want to make sure I do my research before I tell them that this cannot  be done.



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Are you multicasting your MOH?  I believe that can only be accomplished with that?

Indeed you need to use multicast MOH stream to have the moh on at all times so that callers fall in at any point and do not start from the beginning.



Thanks for confirming! I will check with the sys admin tomorrow and make sure I am not missing anything.

I checked the option for multi casting earlier and tested it, but it gave me the same result. I am just the help desk for this company, so I do not have extensive network knowledge, but I have a feeling there is more to multi casting than just a check box on the webview. Would I have to have MC enabled elsewhere, like on a router? I can get the system admin to do so if this is the case.

Btw - thanks for the quick reply, it's much appreciated.

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