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Need Help Understanding the Log out of Hunt Group Feature

We are trying to reduce the amount of rings that callers hear when their call is hunting.  For example, if a member of a hunt group is out of the office or away from their desk we were hoping there would be a way to prevent the call from going to them.  We ran across the Log Out of Hunt Group feature which sounded like it could accomplish this for us.  I was thinking that if a member is logged out of the hunt group the hunt process would skip their phone.  We tested this by logging the first member in a group out and what seems to be happening is an alert chime rings on the phone and then the call rings silently on the phone and then continues hunting when the line is not answered.  I contacted TAC who said that this is correct behavior and is more like a cosmetic feature which just prevents the call from ringing out loud on the phone.  I spoke to my Cisco vendor/implementer about this and they told me that the call should skip a phone that is logged out of the hunt group.  I then did some research on the Internet and came across some Cisco admin guides that state when a phone is logged out of a hunt group phone calls are blocked from a phone when hunting.  This is not what is happening for us and I am stumped.  I'm hoping that someone can clarify how the whole logged out of hunt group thing works and if it works as I thought it would how can we get this to work properly.

By the way, we are on Call Manager 7 with 7961G phones.

Many Thanks for any help!


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Need Help Understanding the Log out of Hunt Group Feature

Hi Paul,

I would have a look at these settings and interactions

Hunt Group Logoff Notification Service Parameter

The Hunt Group Logoff Notification service parameter in the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone) section of the Service Parameters Configuration window for the Cisco CallManager service provides the option to turn audible ring tones on or off when calls that come in to a line group arrive at the phone and the current status of the phone is logoff. The default value specifies None, which causes the phone not to ring.

Additional Information

See the "Where to Find More Information" section.

Non-Shared-Line Operation

If a phone is logged out of a line group and an extension on the phone is not shared, the line group does not ring that directory number in the line group. When the line group would normally offer the call to the directory number, call processing skips the directory number and acts as if the directory number does not belong to the line group.

Additional Information

See the "Where to Find More Information" section.

Shared-Line Operation

Because the Log Out of Hunt Group feature is device-based, when a user logs a phone out, the feature affects only the logged-out phone. Calls to a line group that contains a shared-line directory number (DN) behave as follows:

The DN does not ring if all phones that share that DN are logged out.

The DN does ring if one or more phone that is sharing the DN is logged in.

The audible ring on a phone that is logged out gets turned off by default. Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides a system parameter that can be set, so a different ring tone plays when a call comes in to a logged-off hunt group member.



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Re: Need Help Understanding the Log out of Hunt Group Feature

This answers my problem. We use shared lines so the phones that have

the same line on them are logged into the hunt group. That's why it

appears the phone is ringing silently, because it's ringing on the other

phone(s) that have this line.

Thanks for the info!!! I have been struggling with this for some time.

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