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Hi All,Current status : We have CUCM 7.1.3b in place on MCS 7816Requirement : CP-3905 phones required  to by and use with CUCM                      CP-3905 works from 7.1.5 version and later versions and it requires UCL license to be opted no option ...

We get "recovery on timer expiry" from Cisco IOS debug isdn q931.We have amended the T310 timer according to document 18659 (Call Failure to Long Distance/Mobile Destination).However "recovery on timer expiry" problem persists. We cannot see any diff...

charliemak by Beginner
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     I have a CME will likely be a 8.6 or 8.8 Does anyone have a clean way to stop extension "a" from calling extension "b"  It is really two seperate companies on the same CME so they dont want company "a" from calling company "b" basically a multi ...

miket by Contributor
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Hi guys,I am trying to configure an E1 PRI in Nairobi. TelKom Kenya has proved that the cable and Exchange is good by having an IP Pbx onsite. I am on a CM 7.1(5b)su4. The remote site is on a 3845 GW. The E1 PRI card is VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 - 2-Port RJ-4...

toronto09 by Beginner
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