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Notification witn an audible sound on a phone

Hello, I have a request that when you push a button fron an IP phone, notify with an audible sound to another phone, like a silent alarm, on calling side the phone must be silent at all time, on mute and speaker off.

Can someone give some ideas how could make it work, it will be helpful.



Juan Carlos Arias

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You mean that when any button on phone a is pressed, phone b gets alerted via an audible sound? ...or same but when a specific button is pressed like for some sort of silent alarm type purpose?

Yes Will, that's exactly what I'm looking for, any ideas how to configure it??


No idea unfortunately but am curious if anyone else has seen something like this. If it's a single specific button press that triggers an alert, then maybe a custom phone service. If any button press should trigger the alert, absolutely no idea. There's certainly not any native functionality for either option.





Will, you said that a custom phone service to send text/audio only to phone b it's possible??  Have you done this??  Is there a way that you could share how you did it??

Any button or a specific button, that's not important by now.

Here's the devnet page for ip phone services:


I'd guess you'd be looking for something like on a custom softkey within your phone service:


Point that softkey url to your web server which when that key is pressed, fires off an ipphoneexecute instruction to phone b:

(there's an example at the end of the ipphoneexecute section which plays an alert wav file)


I could whip up a proof of concept to do that, but it's friday afternoon here so it probably won't be until next week. You could also do this via cti maybe - then you could trigger on any phone event I'd guess. But that would definitely be more involved then a simple phone service.




Hello Will,

Thanks for your links, I'll start making some test.

single wire informacast might help here you can send chimes / text to 1 or many phones on schedules and manually


basic functionality comes bundled with a be6k

Hello Will, on the second step where you tell me to "point the softkey url to your web server which when that key is pressed, fires off an ipphoneexecute instruction to phone b", I'm confuse here how to push the instructions to phone b, cause it dials to extension 122, but the other instructions are executed on phone a, this is what I got:


  <ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Dial:122"/>
  <ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Play:Drums1.raw"/>
  <ExecuteItem Priority="1" URL=""/>


Can you give me some ideas how to make this work.



Juan Carlos


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