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On Behalf Of Code CctiLine - clarification needed


I'm currently looking into some calls trying to figure which part hung up - the caller or the call recipient. I found 2 unusual examples and I'm not sure how to interpret them. I've read some threads here and they suggested that code 1 CctiLine indicates that a person hung up using an application, however, I'm not entirely sure if that's true.


Example 1 -

Caller - On Behalf of code - 1 Ccti Line

Call Recipient - On Behalf of Code - 12 Device


Example 2 -


Call Recipient- On Behalf of code - 1 Ccti Line

Caller - On Behalf of Code - 12 Device


Can anybody help me understand the above examples? What do they mean? Which party hung up, was there an error?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

the onbehalfof code tells the course of action happening on the call and the reason behind those action. the reason will be in enum value and there meaning stored here :

for your example : On Behalf of code - 1 CctiLine ; it depends is it for originator or destination, so here the termination is coming from CTI line, application etc, it could be the redirect request, transfer etc that you need to find from CDR itself or CCM traces.

also On Behalf of Code - 12 Device; means same the termination is because of device (ip phone).

This termination will not always means call hangs up it could be the termination because of some feature like conference, transfer, park, pickup etc


Thanks for your response. How would you interpret this call:


CallOriginator - on behalf outcome - 1 CctiLine

Destination - 12 Device


What does that mean? That surely doesn't mean both hung up at the same time, does it?

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