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on call pager

Is there a way between CUCM 7.1.3, Unity and exchange to replace the company pager. The on-call pager (cell phone) is alerted by a monitoring system that sends a text to the on call engineer. I know I can setup a number that it calls and unity will send out a notification that the VM is there. The guys have to carry two phones around and I am trying to elevate that for them.


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Spencer,

Maybe you could leverage this good feature to accomplish what you need;

Setting Up Chaining Message Notification

Message notification can be set to "chain" to a series of notification devices if an attempt to send notification to the first selected device fails. The definition of failure to a notification device is based on the options you select for retrying a device that is not answered or is busy.

The Cisco Unity Administrator does not allow pager devices to be used for chaining message notification because notification to these devices does not fail.

To Set Up Chaining Message Notification

Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Administrator, go to the Subscribers > Subscribers > Message Notification page.

Step 2 Click a notification device from the Device list, and enter settings for it, as applicable.

Step 3 Click another device in the If Notification Fails, Send Notification To field.

Step 4 In the Device list at the top of the page, click the same device that you indicated in Step 3, and enter settings for it as you would normally, with the following exceptions:

•In the Notify Subscriber Of table, uncheck all types and urgency of messages that should generate notification. If any message types are checked in this table, message notification for this device will commence immediately and will not wait for the notification failure of the previous device. Therefore, your notifications will not chain but all trigger at once.

•In the Send Initial Notification After How Many Minutes field, leave the default setting of 0.

Step 5 Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 for any subsequent devices that you wish to chain for message notification.

From this good Unity doc;

Hope this helps!

nice job Rob for the info.

I did something similar at a hospital.  It took a little messing around to get it to work, but CUC will send out a page when a new voicemail comes in for that box.   Its similar to SNR where you have to adjust the triggers because each paging company is different.  Some play "beep beep beep " right away, some place a greeting.. "after tones leave your numeric message beep beep beep"  So CUC has to compensate for the dialing, waiting, then entering in a numeric DTMFs to be sent to the pager.

I just commented in another posting in UC forum..  you can send email notifications to the cell phone via SMS.  Simply use (for example)   and it will send a message to that phone.  

To do this though, you need to setup a smart host on CUC to relay the message out to as an example, Exchange.  It will then send this out.

hope this helps

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