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Operator Console with CUCM 8.6

I am currently running CUCM 6.1 with Arc Console Enterprise Server being using for operator consoles.

We are upgrading to CUCM 8.6 and shall also be deploying UCCX. 

What I would like to do is replace the Arc Console with UCCX Agent Desktop, and use the embeded browser to access a web based directory for lookup and search.  We could then transfer calls using click to call. The problem is I don't have a web based directory service!

Could anybody recommend a suitable directory function?

The alternative is to either upgrade the Arc Enterprise or deploy Cisco's Unified Enterprise Attendant Console.  However I wanted the Call Centre Agents to service the operator function using a single application, rather than switching between CAD and Arc Console.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Stewart

Well.. firstly here's my advice. The best console to use is any console. If you don't like CUxAC or Arc, then maybe evaluate some competitors.

I've had a number of customers look at UCCX, and say 'well - this queues, and we can script it, what do we need Arc for?'

We've gone down the road of setting up POCs, and they are universally rejected.

My approach to transfers was to use the Phone Book feature in CAD (by basically copying the CUCM directory into the CAD phonebook automatically) and then use that for transfers.

We considered click-to-call, but click to call is generally just that on a web page - it's click to call, not click to transfer. You might be able to do a DirTrFr or something once you've set up a new call leg, but that's an 'unsupported' action on UCCX, and will probably scramble your reports.

The main pain is that CAD is designed for answering calls, and occasionally punting them off to someone else. When you have someone dealing with high numbers of calls that require near immediate transfers, you lose things like:

- Return on no reply

- Detailed/fast directory with lots of data

- Visibility of transfer target line's availability, forward state etc

- Quick transfer operation (i.e. none of that 'enter a few characters then tap enter twice' useability)

That said - if you are expecting low volume, and distributing the pain to multiple operators... try it.


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Thanks Aran you've made some very valid points.



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