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Ordering UCL Lics for UCUM 8.5


i have some question about UCL licensing. Please help me for choice to ordering the right licenes.

Now we have a CUCM 7.1.2 with 200 DLUs and 30 User. Next time we want upgrade to CUCM 8.5.
We dont need to change the Server.

Here my questions:

We want to make a "user-based upgrade without UCSS ". (Case 4)
a)I have planed 20 Basic and  30 Enhanced/Basic User, is it possible with 200 DLUs ?
b)or can anyone tells me, how much DLUs one Enhanced user is?
c)in the ordering guide i find this Licenses:

    CUCM-USR-LIC (Top Level Part Number)

    are this lics ok to order, or need we aditional lics ? Example, what is the right lic for UCUCM 8.5 for

  d)and last, when i ordering the lics, on cisco homepage, where can i put in the pak id of the old DLUs
    and  change to UCL ??

Thanks for help.

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Re: Ordering UCL Lics for UCUM 8.5

a)  It sounds like you should order about 35 enhanced users to account for the 200 DLUs you have.

b)  When you make a new UCL order, they give you 6 DLUs per enhanced user.  Keep in mind that they are moving away from the DLU model in the future (likely in version 9).

c)  Yes, the correct top level part for UCL is CUCM-USR-LIC.  Start with that and have it configure the rest for you.

d)  There's not a place to do that.  8.5 still uses the DLU model internally.  When you upgrade from 7.1 to 8.5, it'll keep your 200 DLUs.  Once you're on the UCL model, I imagine Cisco will provide some type of "user" license for future versions once the DLU model is actually dropped from CUCM.

Also, you may not care about UCSS, but it's actually cheaper right now for you to purchase it as part of a "migration" that includes UCSS instead of the normal "upgrade" without it.  The user costs are a lot cheaper.


Re: Ordering UCL Lics for UCUM 8.5

Thanks for your answer, but i have mor questions, its all confused for me..

Now we have DLU lics, but it is unpossible to upload this files on CUCM 8.x , cause - the new Licenses MAC. Is this correct ?

How can I convert my DLUs to the new License MAC on the Cisco Homepage ? or is this only possible when i order the upgrade Lics for UCUM 8.x, and then i put in the new PAK ID on

Next Question. When i order the upgrade Lics, (upgrade from DLU  to UCL) what kind of Lics i become  ? DLUs too  ? and when i upload this lics, can i see how many Enhanced or Basic User the callmanager have.

Now when i see Pictures from UCUCM 8 "Licenses Calculator"  in the Internet, i see nothing has change - no user based Lic modell.

Next Question: In my first questions i say, i have planed 30 enhanced und 20 basic User - cause the ucl modell need min. 50 User. When i upgrade from DLU to UCL, i have 35 enhanced user, thats ok for us. But is it necessary to order the 20 basic user ??

Thanks for help.

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