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James Hawkins

Personal Directory in CUCM 7.1


I am upgrading a customer from CCM 4.2 to CUCM 7.1.

There are a few users who use Personal Directory and want to carry on doing so in the new version and want to access it by pressing the phone (7941) Services button.

However in CUCM 7.1 the PD service that is there by default is an Enterprise subscription and their does not seem to be any way to alter this. I do not want it to appear on all users phones so I cannot enable this. It is also a Directories type service and so appears when the Directories button is pressed (allong with Placed Calls, Missed Calls, Corp Directory etc.). I need it to be accessed by the Services button.

I can create a new service and copy the Service URL - Application:Cisco/PersonalDirectory - but this only seems to work when the Service Type is set to Directories - if I change the type to Standard IP Phone Service and update the subscription nothing is displayed when I press the Services button.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

William Bell

Sure.  Take a look at this blog article.  Focuses on Corporate Directory in 7.x but definitely gives you pointers on how to handle Personal Directory as well.



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HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the link - really useful and interesting article.

I am still a bit confused about the Internal/External services provisioning. I had EM configured using an external URL and the Enterprise Parameter for Services Provisioning was set to internal and EM worked fine.

Your suggestions re. recreating Personal Directory as a non-Enterprise Subscription solve part of my problem but I would like to get it appearing as a service rather than as a directory.

Anyone got any good pointers to more detailed docs on how the new service provisoning works?


we have more and more the request to disable the login request to access to the personal directory on the phone. The users would not like to use the phone keyboard to enter the userID/Pw as it takes to much time.

Is there any way to disable the credentials to access directy the system integraded personal directory on the phone ???

I did not find any PIN or USER id settings as it is a system application and not an external xml service.

Any idea ??

Thanks a lot



It has been a while but I had a customer with the same need on a CUCM 6.1(3) system. This is prior to the enterprise subscription feature sets introduced with 7.1. In 6.1(3) we created an IP phone service and specified the UserID and PIN as you described. It did work more as I recall. For a 7.1 install you would need to delete the enterprise subscription for Personal Directory and then create an XML application to address your production needs. Prior to doing this in production, nothing will stop you from creating the XML application and testing it out on a single phone to ensure it operates as desired. Once satisfied, you can then remote the enterprise subscription, roll out the IP phone service URL, and educate your users.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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