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Phone Button Templates not available in device config page

Hi Everyone,

Recently built a CUCM 7.1.x box using a DMA export from our 4.2(3). I've noticed that in Phone Configuration, the Phone Button Template selection was not retained for all of our 7965s and 61s. I cannot apply the correct one as the dropdown list does not populate with all of the available templates. Although I do see them in the Phone Button Templates list under Device Settings. I reviewed DMA doc to confirm that custom templates are not excluded in export. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

I believe this is due to a new feature where only compatible phone button templates will appear in that drop down box.  Theres now a feature called feature safe: while this is for extension mobility, the idea might also apply to the available phone button templates too.  What templates are you seeing, and which ones are you not seeing?  What model phone are you trying to apply it to?

Thank you for your reply. I didn't want to leave this "open." The phone models were 7961s. I didn't ever really figure out the "why" to this issue. It was inconsistent, I was seeing a mix of a few of the non-standard templates we had created & brought over via DMA tool, but not all. Strangely, even though they were all in the Phone Button Templates list under Device Settings, I had to delete them and re-create in order for them to show up in Phone Config dropdown list.

Based on the Feature Safe (EM) reference in the release notes, seemed to indicate phone button templates were now less model-dependent. I can't conclude if this was relevant to the issue.


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